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The Walking Whistleblowing Detective

Former Detective Jon Wedger is interviewed by anti child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney (himself a victim of uk government child abuse, as were his siblings). This video alerts the public to the intimidation and bullying of UK police whistleblowers.

The Richie Allen Show - May 10th 2018 with Jon Wedger

EPISODE DESCRIPTION Former Detective Jon Wedger "Officers Who Expose Child Abuse Are Still Being Bullied Into Silence." Jon is a retired Police Detective with over 25 years service in the investigation of child abuse. He was threatened and bullied out of his job for exposing high-level cover-up of child prostitution. The retaliation against Jon by senior police officers is staggering. Jon and others are campaigning for a change in the Law to give brave whistle-blowers the protection they truly deserve. And it's about time we had the great Meria Heller back on the show eh? Meria is a terrific journalist and her legendary show is the oldest on the net. We'll be discussing the big stories makin


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