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Going live with therapist and author Carolyn Brammell of 'Am I A Good Girl Yet?' - Survivor

What abuse can we remember from our childhood? Well this woman is incredibly brave to recount her experience of satanic ritual abuse. The full interview on YouTube... LINK BELOW FOR FULL VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/miketarraga1/videos/387730838733819/?__tn__=%2CdkC-R&eid=ARDzpFeRdtFcPJgqbQbZ7E8Ra8EEtDM8iUVlrV0_K03D7ELdps8VVvKcUCKGQ5dy4a8ROVRONkVM5SzF&hc_ref=ARQxoq30FHBUeminYYwqnwMLoTMmEDiQYjg0HBskY76LuBZ3tq62-2P6uxC7c64whas #SRASatanicRItualAbuse #CarolynBrammel #AmIAGoodGirlYet #JonWedgerexposescorruption

Edward Heath victim fights back at Private Eye’s Rosie Waterhouse - 9th March 2019

This broadcast is from the 9th of April 2019 it is a response from CSA victim Michael Tarraga to the report in private eye claiming inconsistencies re the abuse he suffered as a child in care. All the profits from his book go to helping other survivors and victims of child abuse share their story. Buy here Meat Rack Boy https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/179459948... I will be complaining to both Private Eye Magazine and the media’s regulators about journalist Rosie Waterhouse’s attack on victims of abuse. If others feel the same then please do likewise . Victims have been told all their lives that no one will believe them , so when a so called “Professional Journalist” does it. It just compounds t

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