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Michael Tarraga Interview - August 2019

Michael Tarraga who was horrifically sexually abused in care said to me he can now die in peace. Because his story’s out there. Let’s help others feel this sense of peace and justice... The book and videos were INDEPENDENTLY published. Buy the book and more will benefit https://www.amazon.co.uk/…/dp/B07N3Y58CB

Jon Wedger - 'Stop The Abuse' Protest - August 2019

Why is no one talking about child abuse? How it’s the root of all societies illls. An ex BBC reporter and ex Scotland Yard detective talk at a protest last week in London. If you want to help buy this book ALL the profits go to helping others get their stories of injustice and abuse out there https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meat-Rack-Boy-Michael…/…/B07N3Y58CB

Interview with Sue Lorraine Peak - Victim of abuse in Beecholme Children's Home - June 2019

Sue Lorraine Peak was put into care aged 5 because her mum died of cancer. After reporting abuse at Beecholme children’s home aged 13, she was put into a mental institute. Sue Lorraine Peak spent 3 years in a mental hospital for standing up to sexual abuse in a children’s home. More to come... testimonies from the mobile video workshop that we run for whistleblowers and survivors. @beecholme warriors


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