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Jon Wedger Interview with the SAS (Sikh Awareness Society)

Today I was interviewed by members of The Sikh Awareness Society - SAS. They call them the warriors and they did not disappoint. They are highly organised, intelligent, compassionate and fearless. They go and retrieve sexually exploited girls of all religions and races. They have after care that is so compassionate the likes of which I have never encountered. They keep contemporaneous notes of all victim contact to assist with the evidential chain . In essence they are a class act. I’ve liaised with the heights of the Catholic Church who see themselves as victims. I’ve written to the archbishop of the Anglican Church who never answered. I called the easy to find public number for the SAS.

“We will not be silenced.” Survivors of child abuse are gathering, and getting stronger - 'Survi

Saturday 2nd May 2020 - 12-5pm Houses of Parliament London “We will not be silenced.” Survivors of child abuse are gathering, and getting stronger. Come and meet us on the 2nd of May, Parliament Green. 12-5pm. Alan Merritt Sue Lorraine Peak Samantha Baldwin Join the people the parents guardians family’s , that’s coming to stand up and speak out , come and show your help and support , to defend band protect all our innocent children and family’s and there future’s , across our multi cultural UK 🇬🇧 and Ireland 🇮🇪 , get our flags our banners and come along and fight for our innocent children and family’s , alongside others in solidarity defending protecting ourselves and others against all

Jon LIVE at HMP Thameside - Pepsi Watson Update January 2020

Message of appeal. My good friend and fellow anti child abuse and government corruption- campaigner - Pepsi Watson has been recalled to prison following a spiteful attempt to prevent him continuing his courageous journey. Pepsi is an ex drug addict who spent many valuable years “banged up” He never promotes criminality and is only interested in justice and rehabilitation. He is a close friend. I will be campaigning for his release. I ask that all who read this post take time to pen him a short letter of encouragement in these hard and distressing times for him. Letter - Mr Adam Robinson , A6035AK, HMP Thameside, Griffin Manor Way, London. SE28 0FJ Email https://www.emailaprisoner.com


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