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Please support Jon Wedgers Charity Walk October 17th 2020 - donate via this link

beechholme event cancelled
Jon Wedger with Chris Lambriano

Raising funds for the Ley Community

Jon Wedger with Tracy Antoniou on the walk to raise funds for the Ley Community

Jon Wedger with Tracy Antoniou on the walk to raise funds for the Ley Community

Pepsi Watson Parole Board

Pepsi Watson Parole Board Hearing - Support Letter to MP

Filming onthe banks of the Thames - netflix

Yesterday’s filming n the east end on the banks of the Thames. Brilliant day

October March 2020

August Protest in London - Save Our Children

London Protest
Beecholme 16th May 2020 March

Help us raise awareness by joining our protest on the 16th May 2020 - 12pm-5pm - Trafalgar Square to Downing Street

March Of Remembrance Oct 2019

I am planning a march of remembrance for all those lives lost due to child abuse. I’ve today met with a representative for military veterans who has offered his support. I call out to all those affected to join, victim/ survivors to join, family/friends of lost ones to join and anyone with an ounce of moral fibre who abhors this most vilest of Crimes to join . No in fighting, no squabbling just unity . I cannot do this alone. “If we tolerate this, then our children will be next"

Oct 13 Meeting with Lennox Rogers

What a fantastic day. A heart rendering yet to the core honest , reflective speech by my close friend Chris Lambrianou at a church meeting in Kent. Supported by Tracy, Mick, Helen and myself. I was later introduced to some great people who dedicate their lives to rehabilitating those who have lost their way. I am due to interview Ex Gang Member and ex organised criminal Lennox Rodgers. Lennox spends his precious time mentoring and helping misguided youths take the righteous path. A true hero.

Jon Wedger Parliament Protest Aug 19

It’s time to ACT and if you can’t come then please SHARE. Do it for all those children who need us. Wed 7th Aug. 12-2pm Outside Parliament. See you there...

Stop The Abuse Protest Aug 2019

Why is no one talking about child abuse? How it’s the root of all societies illls. An ex BBC reporter and ex Scotland Yard detective talk at a protest last week in London. If you want to help buy this book ALL the profits go to helping others get their stories of injustice and abuse out there: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meat-Rack-Boy-Michael…/…/B07N3Y58CB

Parliament May 2019

Live outside Parliament May 2019

Michael Tarraga Interview Aug19

Michael Tarraga who was horrifically sexually abused in care said to me he can now die in peace. Because his story’s out there. Let’s help others feel this sense of peace and justice... The book and videos were INDEPENDENTLY published. Buy the book and more will benefit https://www.amazon.co.uk/…/dp/B07N3Y58CB

Victims of Abuse Workshop 2019

Whistleblowers and Victims of Abuse Workshop - Michael Tarraga, Anna Brees & Jon Wedger - June 2019

Live at Westminster March 2019

A battle between good and evil and I stood my ground. Live at Westminster Cathedral 16th April 2019 https://www.facebook.com/miketarraga1/videos/460264021409184/

Jon and Anna Interview

Jon and Anna Interview - London locations of where children would be sold for sex and horrifically abused. The full report on my YouTube channel. Please donate to help us create more content like this.

Blair Brothers Care Home Abuse

Twin brothers reveal horror of home hell. TWINS Bobby and Joe Blair begged a social worker to save them from the sadistic paedophiles who tortured them — but she turned and walked away. It was 1977, the boys were 13 years old, and in the middle of their nightmare. Thirty-five years later the police told them theirs was the worst case of sexual abuse they have ever encountered. They were raped night and day at the hands of paedophiles while in a home stalked by monster priest....

Take A Stand March

Make A Difference! Protect Our Children April 8, 2019 It’s time to stand up and make a difference. The media and government are NOT DOING ENOUGH. We the people need to TAKE CONTROL and protect our children. Please donate to get this message out. https://www.leetchi.com/en-gb/c/wJ777Em5

Interview with Michael Tarraga

Interview with Michael Tarraga - Jan 2019 by Jon Wedger This has to be the most upsetting and harrowing testimony I’ve ever heard. Michael Tarraga’s story must be heard.

Jon and Anna Dec 2018

Interview with Jon Wedger by Anna Brees - outside Downing Street Dec 18

Campaign for Decency - November 2018

Campaign for Decency - November 2018 (Parliament and Brixton)