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Free Pepsi Watson


























Spare a thought for our brother - Pepsi Watson. He is an avid and loyal anti child abuse campaigner.
He is currently on remand without charge in HMP The Mount . He is on 23 hour lock down. He states that the prison is on the verge of an eruption. Mental health issues are sky rocketing. Reading and writing are keeping him sane.


Please can I ask that he is written to.

FAO - Mr Adam Robinson
HMP The Mount
Molyneaux Avenue
Hemel Hempstead
HP3, 0N2


He is in need of books. Please boost his moral, write to him and pass on words of support and hope.
He needs help. Let’s please help him. He is hanging onto sanity thanks to the kind people who’ve been writing to him. He pleads for it to continue. If you wish to send him books then send them direct to him in the jail. 
If anyone wishes to assist with a letter writing campaign regarding Pepsi’s release then please PM me. He needs our help.


God bless



These are the books requested by Pepsi Watson. They can be sent direct to him in prison :

1. Mastery - Robert greene
2. Psychological types - c.g Jung
3. Mindblindness : an essay on autism and theory of mind- Simon baron Cohen
4. The analysis of the self : a systemic approach to the psychoanalytical treatment of narcissistic personality disorders - Heinz kohut

He’d love a letter. If you could enclose some stamps then he will reply. Thank you for your support, God bless


Fighting the IPP

I am an activist and I go by the name Pepsi Watson.  I run a YouTube channel Crime and Justice TV and I fight the injustice of the cruel, dehumanising, barbaric and utterly indefensible IPP sentence.

I have been fighting and campaigning against this horror for nearly 4-years now.  I am, myself, a short tariff IPP detained indefinitely with no right to release other than via a politically paralysed Parole Board.

On 7th of January 2020 I attended a Probation appointment and was recalled to prison for the second time, again without committing any further crime.  I want those that know me to know that I am in good spirits and being taken care of by the exceptional staff here at Thameside.  I also wish you to know that the fight against injustice goes on without me.

IPPs should never give up hope and to know that there are a lot of good people outside working hard to fight the injustice of this sentence.  Truth is on the side of the oppressed.  Do not ever give up hope. Pepsi Watson.