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A survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse

This is the testimony of the brave, courageous and survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Jeanette Archer. She was abused and later sold by her family from the age of 3 years of age where she endured years of horrific abuse of rape and witnessed murder of children.  


She is now speaking out for the first time to encourage those who have been through similar experience and gives others hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  She needs your support for her book which goes into much more detail of her life.


Thank you to Jeanette for speaking out and giving other survivors hope and courage to reach out and fight for justice.

Please donate to show your support. 🙏🙏🙏 This HAS TO GO VIRAL! Our children are being sacrificed, raped & tortured. This has to stop and to stop right now!  


This is jeanette’s email - jeanette.21@live.co.uk. Her full name is Jeanette Archer please contact her for donations. God Bless.


WARNING - the content is graphic and is for over 18 years of age, as its nature is dark and shocking and may upset anyone with a history of abuse / traumatic experience.