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22 Jul 2020

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17 Jul 2020

Exposing child abuse, satanic abuse rituals and police corruption and coverups, Hampstead 2 - SRA coverups, Wayfair conspiracy child trafficking..

17 Jul 2020

Michael Richmond spent many years in care homes and his revelations should be front page in every single news outlet but we already know that none of them will be bothered helping to stop these atrocities.

28 Jun 2020

Rachel speaks out in the hope that it could help anyone in the same situation.

19 Jun 2020

We will be exposing the vile child prostitution underbelly of London's Soho and the corruption of the police.

Soho ex-prostitute Nicky talks to Jon Wedger.


16 Jun 2020

We are live from Bexhill seaside with Alan Merritt, Martin Harrison, Roy Silva, Jon Wedger for Sean Kelly's Baptism - join us! 

11 Jun 2020

Please watch my interview with DJ Spiral...

Here are the links to Jeanette Archers interview and the letter to send MPs, on my website:


Rains list mentioned in the interview is also found here at:

(Joan Coleman’s RAI...

4 Jun 2020

Myself, yesterday being Baptised in the sea by my good friends Brian and Martin. Both turning to Jesus after lives of violence, crime and drug addictions. Track and trace, vaccines, one world religion etc. are satanic abuse against humanity

What a combination an ex dete...

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