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29 Apr 2020

Going live outside the site of former government run boarding school “boxmoor house”

27 Apr 2020

· April 19 2020

Please listen and share. This is the first of a new series of interviews.  I’m the first interviewee and privileged.

25 Apr 2020

Message of upmost importance.

Please join me on Facebook live on Thursday 23rd April at 7pm. I will be conducting a live prayer for two very vulnerable children who desperately need our prayers. It will be a minute of your time. This is the only tool we have left to hel...

19 Apr 2020

To view the RAINS List (Dr Joan Coleman’s R.A.I.N.S List (Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support) - click on the below link:


12 Apr 2020

Tonight’s podcast “live from the roof top".  

Will be a special interview with ex career criminal, hard man, enforcer and royal marine - Brian Knox

Brian wishes to discus this end times and his path to Jesus.
He is a hard core evangelist and wants to discus true...

11 Apr 2020

Police Whistle Blower tells all


•Premiered on 1 Apr 2020

Anything goes with James English Ep/96 Police whistle blower Jon Wedger tells his story. Former Scotland Yard detective Jon Wedger campaigns for the protection of whistleblowers & justice for the victim...

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