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  • Jon Wedger

CANAL BOAT PAEDO RING Did cops cover up investigation into sick child sex offenders who lived on bar

Police standards directorates are probing the string of alleged cover-ups of sex offenders living in barges on UK canals and pulled reports on child prostitute rings.


2nd October 2016, 4:05 pm

A POLICE officer says he was warned he would be "thrown to the wolves" if his findings on child sex offenders ever got out.

Detective Constable John Wedger claims his enquiry into offenders living on barges was pulled, vice squad officers were ordered not to arrest underage prostitutes and he says bosses made threats over his report on a London child prostitute ring involving someone connected to the BBC music department. He told the Daily Star: "I found a lot of paedophiles were going off the radar. There was a loophole in the law that allowed them to live on canal boats without being on the electoral register."

But he claims a senior officer said to him: "I’m hearing your name mentioned in high places. You’re getting too good at this. I’m going to have to shut it down." DC Wedger then said he was transferred to the Metropolitan Police's clubs and vice unit but was told not to arrest underage girls.

He said he then found a magistrate who used to let off a specific pimp if she was pulled in by police, and he wrote a report on it in 2010 but was summoned to a senior officer's office.

He said: “It was like someone had set a pit bull on me. He told me he was taking me off and shutting it down.”


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