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  • Jon Wedger

How We Fight Paedophilia in Britain

Jon Wedger, a retired police officer of 25 years, talks to John Rees-Evans, leader of the Democrats and Veterans Party, about the covering up of serious sexual offences against children in Britain, and what needs to happen to stop this evil.

Sign the Parliamentary petition here: https://dvparty.uk/jw/


In the course of pressing for new legislation that Jon Wedger believes will significantly impact on the ability of paedophiles to operate with impunity within Britain, we need first to give the government the opportunity to do the right thing and draft a government bill themselves. With a view to facilitating this, we must immediately convince Parliament to publish a petition that we have composed which, if securing 100,000 signatures, will ensure that this proposal for legislative change is at the very least, debated in Parliament.

During the course of a debate a member of the government should resolve to attempt to formulate a bill for a new law that will protect victims and identify criminals – preferably, on a similar basis to that of our proposal below. If they do not agree to do this, a good MP may still sponsor a private member’s bill and attempt to get the bill voted through the House of Commons and into the Lords. In the event that this measure fails, we must aim to build on the momentum we have gained by campaigning directly through social media and email campaigns to gain a sufficiently substantial volume of support throughout the British population, that it becomes close to impossible for the government not to act.


Because of what certain high-level people within government already know in connection to the perpetration of these crimes, we are concerned that Parliament may attempt to suppress the publication of this petition at the outset, on dubious technical grounds. (The basis on which petitions may be rejected is detailed here).

To best ensure that this petition is indeed published, we need as many people as possible to assent to its publication. In order to do so, please confirm to yourself that the wording that follows is a) agreeable to you, and b) is an accurate replication of the petition wording as confirmed in the email sent from the UK Government and Parliament’s Petitions Team (visible at right), and then click the link at the bottom of this page to confirm that you wish for this petition to be published on the UK Government and Parliament Petitions website.

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