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  • Jon Wedger

Insight UK Column - Support for Tommy Robinson

Donny Boon

Published on Jun 16, 2018

Why does Tommy Robinson risk himself? What could possibly be his motivation? Is it a hated of Islam or the fact that religion is used as a cover to operate child prostitution rings affecting thousands of children in the United Kingdom. I see Tommy Robinson vilified by the Left in England...by "Right Wing Watch" groups. They run cover for the grooming gangs because they have a mental disorder that makes them fear being called a racist. Is it really racist to refuse to surrender your civilization? My thanks to Vee for bringing John Wedger to our attention. Officer Wedger is a Metropolitan Police (London) Department whistle blower who would not be deterred from helping children as young as 9 years old from being forcibly drug addicted and turned into prostitutes. He was mistreated by his superiors at the highest levels of the Metropolitan Police Department who threatened his reputation, income, and children. Thank you to "Insight Vox" for their excellent reporting and bringing this evil into the light where it can be destroyed. I do not monetize my videos and use this in its entirety to archive it and save it for future discovery.

Original video: https://youtu.be/Tsy194wX04c Vee's Video:


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