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  • Jon Wedger

Abuse at Beechholme - Alan Merritt is campaigning for Beechholme Care Home survivors

I met with an incredibly brave and honourable man - Mr Alan Merritt. Alan was placed into the care of Hammersmith social services where he remained throughout his childhood and teen years. He endured sexual , physical and emotional abuse at the will of his so called careers . His suffering was nothing short of torture . I joined him on serving a copy of a comprehensive and professionally authored report regarding Beechholme children’s home. It contained details of abuse and abusers . Councillors at Hammersmith town hall tried to remove us and refused to accept the report. Eventually a representative of the chief executive did take the report.

We were treated with total contempt. Ex residents of this vile place have taken their own lives , they’ve self medicated and many have suffered trauma as a result. Shame on Hammersmith and Fulham council. I will be making a formal complaint anyone willing to endorse my letter writing campaign please be In touch.

They didn’t parent him they abused and tortured him. A powerful interview from today please watch, comment and SHARE. We have to get this message out...

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