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  • Jon Wedger

Blair Brothers Care Home Abuse -Interview with Jon Wedger - March 2019

We were beaten, whipped, abused …and forced to perform sex acts on each other

Twin brothers reveal horror of home hell.

TWINS Bobby and Joe Blair begged a social worker to save them from the sadistic paedophiles who tortured them — but she turned and walked away.

It was 1977, the boys were 13 years old, and in the middle of their nightmare.

Thirty-five years later the police told them theirs was the worst case of sexual abuse they have ever encountered.

They were raped night and day at the hands of paedophiles while in a home stalked by monster priest Fr Brendan Smyth.

They were beaten, whipped, imprisoned and forced to perform sex acts on each other.

They repeatedly tried to escape but were returned by the police.

They begged a social worker for help, only for her to call them “problem children” and walk away.

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