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  • Jon Wedger

Jon Wedger interviews Jennie Grace. Truly shocking interview with victim of foster carer abuse and s

Hi my friends My name is Jennie Grace and i'm the one who is on this podcast with Jon Wedger. I would like to say my heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you who have watched and replied . If this podcast makes you angry/sad please use that energy to supporting our wish that there will be a nation that will be the carers of our next generation. supporting, encouraging, teaching in love the true values of life, nurturing their growth but more importantly listening to our young people. Learn from them too. They are our next generation and they have a different views at times to us and we should be able to take that on board and welcome their voices and positive choices. The most important thing i ask of you all is if you ever know of or hear that a child is being abused please speak out. Talk to that young person hand an olive branch of safety. do some research and find some good organizations that care for our children's wellbeing and write down contact number email address of those organisations and when you have concerned for a childs safety hand them these contact details. Communities start to own your communities open up youth centres keeping children safe and allow them to live as children laughing running climbing and being with their peers. If everyone put a £1 in to keep these centre open we can be the watch keepers over our children. does not have to be just our own children . it takes a community to raise a child. All eyes and ears that we will know when a child is in danger . During these uncertain times we have to take stock and being to live in ways we didn't live before either too busy or just wasn't aware of how important it is to work together to protect our children. So guys lets start making this world a safer place by caring for our young people. Love you all so much . You have given me strength to use my recycled what was horrendous to something positive speaking out and challenging people to take their places in this world. God Bless each and everyone of you xxx

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