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Hush Child: Ritual Pedophillia - Interview with Jon Wedger, John Paul Rice and Tim Ray - September 1

My talk with John Paul Rice & Tim Ray exposing child abuse and cover ups by police and politicians.

Every year half a million children go missing in the U.S. alone. Where they go & what is done to them is the stuff of darkest nightmares. The vast majority are abducted into national & global child sex trafficking rings. Child trafficking generates more annual revenue than the Kellogg company while commercial sexual exploitation generates an estimated 99 billion dollars annually. There seems to be a growing awareness of this topic which has been virtually ignored by both governments & media for decades. Research the book The Franklin Coverup by author John DeCamp to learn more about just how widespread this problem is & the lengths powerful people go to in order to conceal it. These poor trafficked children are raped & tortured. Their bones are broken, their body parts are used as intoxicants & sold on the black paedo market. They are traded & auctioned, many are forced to endure brutal satanic rituals that shatter their minds & bodies.

Years ago Mel Gibson shined the light on the cesspool that is Hollywood with his stunning revelations on the BBC’s Graham Norton television show. Explaining that he spent the last ten years “working on my own ideas, outside of the Hollywood system” after being blacklisted by Hollywood in 2006 for sharing opinions about the industry and the world that run counter to liberal orthodoxy, Gibson said, “I don’t know how to break it to you gently… Hollywood is institutionalised paedophilia. “They are using and abusing kids.“ They churn through a huge amount of kids every year. To the average person, this sounds too horrific & far fetched to be true & it’s under the cover of that implausibility that this horror has metastasised. Unfortunately, this isn’t limited to Hollywood or the music & entertainment industries. Child trafficking has become pervasive in global governance as well. Research the affiliation of the British Royal Families with Jimmy Savile or

Prince Andrews connection to Jeffery Epstein & what you find is deeply disturbing. Paedophiles often receive obscenely lenient prison sentences, suggesting the problem is systemic. On Frequency Wars on September 9th at 11am EST, Tim will be interviewing American film actor and producer John Paul Rice who sent an alarming message about child sex trafficking in Hollywood and urged viewers to take action to end violations which, according to him, are not accidental in the entertainment industry. According to Rice, his movie highlighted global paedophile networks that "sell kids back and forth to each other, trading them like candy, and it goes right through Hollywood." He also refers to a Daily beast article that exposes the relationship between disgraced moguls Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein in terms of sex trafficking, from which the stories of his film "A Child's Voice" have been derived. Also joining us will be Former Scotland Yard detective Jon Wedger who campaigns for the protection of whistleblowers & justice for the victims and survivors of child abuse as well as exposing establishment cover-ups of abused children. In our increasingly divided world, the one issue people can & absolutely must rally around is the safety of our children. The door continues to open on this issue & shine the light on it. Last week in Georgia & Florida, 39 missing children were rescued from their captors & this week 25 more were rescued in Ohio. While we’re thankful & relieved for this good work, a tremendous amount of work still remains. We who believe ourselves to be good people must ask if we can continue in good conscience to avoid & ignore this issue knowing what we now know.

We have to be willing to face what's happening to our children!

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